Wave 11

About us

A heavily jam oriented group with music consisting of hip hop, reggae, R&B, blues, and funk.
Wave 11 has shared the stage with artists such as: The Wailers, Common Kings, Anuhea, Passafire, Pacific Dub, Mighty Mystic, and many more.
With ties to northern CA Charles “Chuck Jay” Walker is a witty & on his toes singer/mc that delivers everything from beautiful looping harmonies to insanely skillful freestyle flows. Not only can he tear up the mic, this man also MURDERS the rhythm/percussion section, you’ve never heard a groovier cajon player.
Hailing from southern CA is Zack Couron, a guitar player that can shred just about anything with strings on it. Known for his notorious looping abilities that lead up to insanely funky guitar & bass solos that are filled with haste and technicality. Also on the list for Zack is his warm raspy voice that pairs perfect with the blues.
Straight from the western slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains is Derek Suiter, a man on top of his game when it comes to the drum kit. With years of experience, Derek mixes together technical chops and an insanely groovy rhythm to keep your feet from staying planted on the ground.
These three join forces to deliver an incredibly energetic and melodious project that gets a crowd moving. Be warned now, if you enter the “Wave 11 Zone” you will not be able to resist the urge to get your groove on.

Chuck Jay

Loop Vocals/Percussion


Zack Couron

Loop Strings/Vocals

Zack Bio Pic

Derek Suiter

Drum Kit / Gangster Rapper

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